cf_FormSave Custom Tag Demo V1.0

This is a custom tag written in CFML (Cold Fusion) and JavaScript to help you determine if any element on your form has changed or not. Try the demo example if you're not convinced!
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(NEW) Note: this is an IE ONLY Demo (DUE TO THE OPEN SOURCE NATURE OF MOZILLA AND ENCODING SCRIPT SOUCE CODE). Tag must be purchased for Mozilla/IE version.
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Simple Input Box:
Input Box:
with Default Value 'Default Input Box'
Simple TextArea:
with default value 'Default Text Area'
Simple Select Box:
Select Box:
with Default 'One' (selected)
Multiple Select Box:
(Ctrl-Click for Multiple)
Multiple Select Box
with Default 'Two' Selected
(Ctrl-Click for Multiple)
Simple Radio Buttons:
Radio Buttons:
with Default (1st checked)
Simple Checkbox:
with default value (checked)

CLICK HERE TO Navigate Away From Page after changing a Value (Ie only)

Tag Features/Highlights:

  • Dynamic to Work with Any and ALL Forms!
  • Works with Multiple Forms on a page
  • No Extra Coding from page to page
  • Has ability to 'KNOW' what form elements have changed
  • Monitors ALL form element types (TEXTBOX,SELECT ETC)
  • Reduce Network Traffic and Save Server Resources!
  • Works better than Microsoft Word for knowing if something has changed since previous Save!
  • Easy to Implement
  • Works with Netscape and Mozilla Browsers!
  • Little JavaScript/Cold Fusion Knowledge Needed
  • Advanced techniques can be easily implemented
  • Your Boss will think you're a genious
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  • Works in Netscape/Mozilla Broswers with extra capabilities in MSIE
  • Works best with Cold Fusion MX + 5.0 * older versions can be supported with minor changes
  • Works with any webserver
  • Non CFML Version available upon request
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Available For Purchase Now!

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Q:  How do I make it work for an Existing Form?
A:  It's as easy as adding a function to your form's onsubmit event like so:

<form name='x' onsubmit="if(FinalCheck()==false){alert('Nothing in your form has changed.'); return false;}else{global_doOnUnload=false;}">

Q:  What if I'm using CFFORM?
A:  Same principle applies. You can use the passthrough attribute of the CFFORM or the onsubmit to put your jscript code (like above).

Q:  What if I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer and want to make sure if the user leaves the page and has made a chage to the form, that they are prompted to save?
A: Simply Add the code to your body tag in your document:

<body onbeforeunload="DoUnload()">

Q:  Does this tag work in Netscape?

Q:  What if I have values in my form when the page is loaded and I change something?
A:  The beauty of this tag is that it remembers what values your form had when your page is loaded. That's how it knows you changed something!

Q:  How is this different from the way that Microsoft Word or Excel works?
A:  This is different in that if you open a previous document in word, and change one letter in the document, then change it back to how it was, Word will prompt you to save the document. WHY?!! You haven't really changed anything! That's why this is so great. It knows what you changed, and what the values were before you made the change.

Q:  How does this tag reduce network traffic and save server resources?
A:  By eliminating useless updates for forms that have not changed you will reduce unnecessary network traffic and save your server and database from processing and updating pages and data that have not really changed.

** As an added bonus, it also acts to prevent form submissions of empty forms (forms with no data).

Q:  How can I purchase this tag?
A:  There are two ways to do this:

  1. Click on the PayPal Link on this page
  2. Go to the Tag Gallery at Macromedia

Q:  How can I monitor a single form on a page, when I have multiple forms on the page?
A:  That's a new feature in Version 1.1! (Please specify which version you would like)

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